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Financial Performance Interpretation. Stilsim Essay

Financial Performance Interpretation. Stilsim - Essay Example With the help of ratios, many aspects of the business can be quantified that facilitate accurate comparisons. The ratios of Stilsim can be compared the three offices with each other and depict the standing of the company. FINDINGS ANALYSIS & COMPARISON TO COMPETITOR One of the major problems that are facing the company is their lack of agility and adaptability to the changes in technology. Although the company has been making profits since it was established, we have seen in the SWOT analysis that it recently, they are not doing well due to their inability to keep track of the upgrades and keep their systems up to date. Below a table 1 that compares Stilsim to Cross Country Healthcare which is a key competitor. IMPLICATIONS The comparison with Cross Country Healthcare elaborates that at this point in time, the performance of Stilsim is at reasonable level. While the comparison of the three offices indicates that the problem lies with one of the office locations. We can conclude with this analysis that the since the company has been in the market for two and a half decades and has managed to gather considerable experience, it should be making more profits than it is making currently. Moreover, it should try to resolve the issues that are hindering the performance where the company is spending more than the returns. SHORT-TERM ISSUES With the help of the SWOT analysis and the financial ratios of the company, the performance the Capital City Office, which is the main office of the company, has been detrimental. The loss that is incurred by this part of the company has an impact on the overall performance. Moreover, with the increase in spending, there is less return that the company is getting. This shows that as the expenses are increasing, there is not an increase in the profits. Although, this may not be a significant issue in the short term but in the long haul this could cause a bottleneck situation for the company. LONG-TERM STRATEGIES Due to the increase in competition, Stilsim would have to rectify the issues at hand to be able to keep up in the market. There is a dire need to maintain a competitive edge in the market that is now attracting many new entrants. In the long haul, Stilsim should implement strategies to drive down costs and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the orga nization and its counterparts. The competitive edge can be created through lower

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Automatic Railway Level Crossing Essay Example for Free

Automatic Railway Level Crossing Essay Abstract: In the rapidly flourishing country like ours, accidents in the unmanned level crossings are increasing day by day. No fruitful steps have been taken so far in these areas. The objective of our project is to provide an automatic railway gate at a level-crossing replacing the gates operated by the gatekeeper. It deals with two things. Firstly, it deals with the reduction of time for which the gate is being kept closed. And secondly, it provides safety to the road users by reducing the accidents. By employing the automatic railway gate control at the level crossing the arrival of the train is detected by the sensors placed near to the gate and transmits the information to the gate controller via wired or wireless. Hence, the time for which it is closed is less compared to the manually operated gates. The operation is automatic i. e. , error due to manual operation is prevented. By employing the automatic railway gate control at the level crossing the arrival of train is detected by the sensor placed on either side of the gate at about 3km from the level crossing. Hence, the time for which it is closed is less compared to the manually operated gates and also reduces the human labour. This type of gates can be employed in an unmanned level crossing where the chances of accidents are higher and reliable operation is required. Since, the operation is automatic error due to manual operation will be prevented. Once the arrival of the train is sensed, the sensed signal is sent to the microcontroller via, wired or wireless transmission and it checks for possible presence of vehicle between the gates. Subsequently, buzzer indication and light signals on either side are provided to the road users indicating the closure of gates. Once, no vehicle is sensed in between the gate the motor is activated and the gates are closed. But, for the worst case if any obstacle is sensed it is indicated to the train driver by signals (RED) placed at about 1km, so as to bring it to halt well before the level crossing. When no obstacle is sensed GREEN light is indicated, and the train is to free to move. The departure of the train is detected by sensors placed at about 1km from the ate. The signal about the departure is sent to the microcontroller, which in turn operates the motor in reverse way and opens the gate. Thus, the time for which the gate is closed is less compared to the manually operated gates. Also reliability is high as it is not subjected to manual errors. Components : IR sensors or Vibration sensors, Microcontroller, L293D(driver IC), Stepper motor, Wireless Transmitter and Receiver, power supply. HARDWARE IMPLEMENTATION Micro Controller Totally 40-pin DIP package manufactured with CMOS Technology. L293D (motor driver IC) Racially L293D 16DIP /ULN 2003 IC is used to drive the stepper motor. STEPPER MOTOR This is used to open and close the gates automatically when it is rotated clock wise or anticlockwise direction. Stepper motor requires 500m amps current, so use the L293D drivers to drive the stepper motor. SOFTWARE IMPLEMENTATION Keil By 1. B. BHARATH KUMAR REDDY – 113004045 2. P SAMBASIVA RAO – 113004161 3. T. RANGA VINOD KUMAR 113004207 4. T. SIVA NARAYANA REDDY 113004205

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The Operation of Electric Motors :: essays research papers

I have written this science research paper to help people understand more about the electric motors and their operation. The electric motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy, which in turn makes motion possible. To better understand electric motors, one should first understand the basics of electric motors operation, electromagnetics. One can create an electromagnet by running an electric current through a wire which in turn will create a magnetic field. An electromagnet may only be a temporary magnet but it has the same magnetic properties as a permanent magnet. Any magnet creates a magnetic field and this magnetic field will contain two ends or polls, one North and one South. The fundamental law of magnets states that ?Opposites attract and likes repel? and the same holds true with an electromagnet. A simple electromagnet can be created by the use of a power source and a piece of wire as shown in Figure 1. The magnetic field created will be stronger then the magnetic field of the earth, effecting the compass and will cause the needle to move in the direction of this newly created magnetic field. As current flows through the wire, a magnetic field is created around the wire. Figure 2 shows the circular shape of the magnetic field around the wire as if you were able to look down the end of the wire. The magnetic field itself is invisible, but the magnetic field strength can be measured through the use of special equipment. The magnetic field weakens the further you move away from the wire and will always be perpendicular to the wire and the fields direction depends on the which direction the current if flowing. Since the magnetic field is always circular and perpendicular to the wire, the magnetic field can be increased simply by creating a coil of wire. Figure 3 shows an example of a simple electromagnet by coiling a wire around a nail and connecting it to a power source. The magnetic field is amplified by each loop of wire around the nail. An electric motor depends upon magnetism to function, to be more specific, electromagnetism. By continuously changing the direction of the electromagnetic field in a motor, we take advantage of the basic magnet principle that ?Opposites attract and likes repel?. This allows an electric motor to rotate.

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Peloponnesian War Essay

Nearly during fifty years that preceded Peloponnesian War, the Greek history was characterized by development of the city of Athens as the main power in the Mediterranean world. The ancient Greece is a term used to describe the Greek speaking world in the ancient times which included the Hellenic culture that were settled in Greek during the ancient times. The ancient times in Greece was influenced by frequent migration as several people were forced to leave their land due to pressure from superior tribes. People were not free to cultivate their land since they could not predict when the invaders would come. Most of these people sort refuge in the city of Athens as a safe retreat. No form of communication, no freedom of trade and the richest soil were frequently invaded thus changed master. Such fertile district included most parts of Peloponnese, Boeotia, and Thessaly (Hanson, V, 2005). The city of Athens in Europe was the birthplace of democracy and became the most powerful and the leading city in the Ancient Greece during the first millennium BC. Classical democracy which was also called Athenian democracy was the democratic system that greatly developed in the Ancient Greek city state Athens and it’s surrounding such the Attica. Many states in Greek also had democracies but not in the Athenian model nor were they as powerful and stable as the Athenian democracy. It started as a small group of city states who merged in order to bring to an end the then intense Persian war. It had several cultural achievements that laid the foundation for the western civilization. Just before the commencement of the Peloponnesian war, the city of Athens had grown in power and wealth and was the strongest city state in Greece. After a short while the city of Athens started dominated and invading other city-states. They succeeded in dominating all the Greece except the Sparta and its allies thus making the Athens Empire with which they were able to defeat the Persians and thereafter formed a coalition of Greek city-states. Just after the departure of the Persians friction began between the Athens and the Peloponnese states including Sparta who were trying to hinder the Athenians from building the walls of Athens but their hindrances were thwarted (Cawkwell, G, 1997). The Peloponnesians believed that without the walls the Athenians would defenseless against land attack and thus would be easily subjects to Sparta since they (the Spartans) overpowered the Athenians in land war. Since they did not succeed in their bid, they felt secretly grieved. All this events marked the birthpangs of Peloponnesian war. Other events that fueled the war involved the Athens and the Corinth. After Corinth faced defeated from Corcyra which happened to be one of their colony, they started building naval power but the Corcyra formed an ally with the Athens so as to gain defense against any farther attack from the Corinth. Peloponnesian war which is also known as Athenian war commenced in 431BC between the Athenians and the Spartans who were leading the Peloponnesian league at that time. Many were the underlying factors behind this war which lasted up to 404BC. These two countries had made a peace treaty which had lasted for thirty years at that time. However, the Spartans felt threatened by the increasing power and wealth of the Athenians since they (the Athenians) being power hungry had began to reassert their control on the mainland of Greece. The other factor that triggered the war was the trade sanctions that the Athenians gave to the Megarans who were Spartans allies. As a result of this, Spartans and the Athenians fell into another war which was named Peloponnesian war after the Peloponnesian league which was led by the Spartans. This war lasted for over twenty seven years and it occurred in three different phases namely: Archidamian War, the attack of the Syracuse in Sicily and the Decelean war or the Lonian war. First phase of the war named Archidamian war, after the king of Sparta called Archidamus II, took place between 431BC and 421 BC. At the outbreak of the war the Spartans attacked Attica and burned all their crops with an aim to starve the Athenians forcing many of the citizens in Attica to leave their farms and seek refuge inside the long walls that joined Athens and its port known Piraeus. The general of the Spartan army during this period was Brasidas while the general of the Athenian army was Cleon. They highly wished to fight the land war which they were good at to the disadvantage of the Athenians who anchored on the powerful navy they had. A good number of the population of the Athenians died during this period not only as a result of the war but also an outbreak of plague which consumed almost two thirds of entire Athens population. Each of the sides believed that it would over power the other and therefore force a surrender which was not the case (Kallet, L, 2001). After ten years of struggles and fighting, both the two nations were worn down and thus they agreed and signed a fifty-year peace treaty which was called the Peace of Nicias. The peace treaty was named Nicia after an Athenian politician and general leader of the Athens at that time. However, the treaty lasted for only six years after the death of Brasidas and Cleon thereafter there was an outbreak of another war which ushered the second phase of the war. During these six years there were constant skirmishes and even though the Spartans kept themselves from war their allies constantly conversed on the possibility of revolt. As a result of these talks the allies got good support from Argos one of the cities within Peloponnesus which was quite independent from Lacedaemon (another Greek name for Sparta). They managed to form a coalition with other democratic states within the Peloponnese such as Elis and Mantinea and the Spartans were unable to break this coalition despite all their efforts. A small portion of Athenians including Alcibiades backed this coalition too. History has it that the war which occurred in Mantinea was the fiercest war that was ever fought during Peloponnesian war. The Lacedaemonians together with their neighbors Tegean faced a tough opposition from the combined forces of the Mantinea, Argos, Arcadia and the Athens. The Spartans who were also known as Lacedaemonians were able to put down this coalition forcing the democratic alliance to break. Finally, the members of this coalition joined the Peloponnesian league. The second phase of this war was characterized by the attack in Sicily from Syracuse. The people of Syracuse were Dorians as the Spartans whereas the Sicilians were Ionians as the Athenians. The colonization of the Sicily would have been a great door for getting immense wealth by the Athenians. During this time the Athenian religious statute was destroyed by an anonymous figure but the charges were placed upon Alcibiades who demanded trial immediately so that he could defend himself. Instead, the Athenians allowed him to go for expedition. He was then summoned back to Athens when he was in Sicily but he fearing that he could possibly be condemned unjustly, he opted not to return to Athens and instead defected to the side of Spartans (Krentz, P, 1982). He became a resourceful person to the Spartans by revealing to the Spartans the underlying plans of the Athenians as pertained to the city of Sicily including the Athenian plan to use Sicily as a springboard to conquer Italy and use the resources plus the soldiers in these new conquests to conquer all the Peloponnese. In order to counteract this move, Nicia was taken to replace Alcibiades as mission who then was commissioned to mount an attack on the Syracuse. But with the help from Spartans, the Athenians were all defeated miserably thus they were unable to invade the city. The joint reinforcement of the Spartans, Corinth and Peloponnese league to Syracuse were able to entirely destroy the Athenian fleet and consequently all their army was sold off into slavery The Sicily attack almost left the Athenians powerless since their power was more vested in the naval power and any of their troops that remained were killed and enslaved by the Syracusans. This war had detrimental effect on the Athenian empire as their treasury was reading empty and their strong youths were held prisoners in a strange land. Through the advice of Alcibiades, the Spartans were able to fortify Decelea, a city near Athens, thus preventing the shipment of supplies to Athens and also hindering them from using their land in a full year. This move disrupted the sliver mines that were nearby and thus forced the supplies to be taken by sea at an increased cost. Worst of all, the Spartans freed most of the Athenian slaves at Decelea forcing the Athenians to seek tribute from their subject allies which farther caused tension and a threat of rebellion within the Athenian empire (Robert B, 1996). Despite all these humiliating defeat in the Sicily the Athenians never gave up on their fight but they managed to escape. For instance, the slow with which the Spartans furnished their troops and ship. The Syracuse and the Corinth were also not speedy enough in letting their fleet in Aegean thus giving the Athenians an opportunity to survive. The Spartan officers lacked necessary skills and these accounted for their slowness in furnishing the troops. During the last phase of the war, the Spartans received reinforcement from the Persians who offered assistance in form of money and ship. The Persians allied with the bid to revenge on the Athenians for the war they had prosecuted in the earlier century. Whenever war was shifted to the sea the Athenians could enjoy victory. Under the leadership of General Lysander, the Spartans got an overall victory over the Athenians. As a result of this Alcibiades exiled himself from Athens because he was not re-elected as the general of the Athenians. Unfortunately their fleets were completely destroyed due to a surprise attack which then left them very hopeless and consequently they surrendered to the Spartans who broke the walls of their cities and barred them from possessing a navy. The aftermaths of the Peloponnesian included the overthrowing of oligarchs and restoration of democracy. This war reshaped the ancient Greek world. Sparta was established as the leading power in Greece whereas Athens which was the powerful state was lowered into subjection. Poverty was greatly experienced in Peloponnesus due to the economic costs of the war across the entire Greece. Reference: Cawkwell, G. L. (1997). Thucydides and the Peloponnesian War. London: Routledge. Hanson, V. (2005). How the Athenians and Spartans Fought the Peloponnesian War. New York: Random House. Kallet, L. (2001). The Sicilia Expedition and its Aftermath. Berkeley: University of California Press, Krentz, P. (1982). The Thirty at Athens. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, Robert B. (1996). A Guide to the Peloponnesian War. New York: The Free Press.

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Essay on Human Organ Trafficking - 1283 Words

Human Organ Trafficking There are many problems with global crimes. What holds these crimes together isn’t because people around the world are committing the same crimes, it’s because these criminals have created global organizations that have ties in all the corners of the world. These groups work just like normal business do, exporting and importing goods to gain profit. However, unlike normal businesses their goods are illegal such as drugs and often inhumane such as trafficking humans. Even so there is another good that is being regularly sold illegally. Human organ trafficking is growing ever day. Despite all efforts from countries all over the world it is continuing to be a major problem in the world. All types of global criminal†¦show more content†¦These acts have broken the will of the population and most will not even speak to news media from other countries like America about the growing problem. Almost all of these people do not have enough money to seek proper medical ca re after having surgery therefore most die within a few years after having one of their kidneys removed. This is not the only country that demands organs from their civilians. In 1984, China enforced the â€Å"Organs for the Corpses of Executed Prisoners†. The new law provided that the remains of prisoners or organs of executed prisoners could be harvested if no one claimed the body, if the executed prisoner volunteered to have his remains to be used, or if the family agreed to donate them. China has zero tolerance for crime. In the past years, individuals have been executed for petty crimes that would barely justify a prison sentence such as theft. Amnesty International asserts that the Chinese government is performing executions to expand the organ trade from executed prisoners. According to witnesses in China, criminals are regularly examined to select matches for waiting patients. One prisoner, during his seven year jail term, told how he saw a great number of prisoners b eing medically prepared for organ removal. Even though it is legal in China most of the world has taken steps in trying to make an effort to stop human organ trafficking. Doctors that perform these illegalShow MoreRelatedThe Trafficking Of Human Organs1564 Words   |  7 PagesTrafficking Human Organs The trafficking of human organs is on the rise and black market operations are happening under everyone’s nose. Currently there are more than 120,000 people who are on the waiting list for a lifesaving organ. Among these people waiting for their transplant approximately twenty-five people will die each day waiting for their number to come up (Perry, 2016). According to the World Health Organization there is only about ten percent of organ transplants being met through theRead MoreOrgan Trafficking Is The Illegal Trade Of Human Organs For Transplantation1198 Words   |  5 PagesOrgan Trafficking, also known as transplant tourism is the illegal trade of human organs for transplantation. (UNOFC,2016). On the other hand, organ donation is the act of transplanting healthy organs and tissues from one person to another (Medline Plus,2015). It is no secret that organ supply cannot meet the rising demand, and because of that a global organ transplant black market has grown and flou rished(Glaser,2005). Although there has been some effort to establish a global organ transplant resolutionRead MoreBlack Market Organ Trafficking : The Illegal Act Of Exchanging Human Organs Or Tissues At An Agreed Price Essay1599 Words   |  7 PagesBlack market organ trafficking Organ trafficking deals with the illegal act of exchanging human organs or tissues at an agreed price. This practice involves mafia networks that collect organs from dead or living persons. A majority of people involved in this illicit business are poverty stricken and so, they see it as a promise of a brighter future. While the World Health Organization (WHO) has defined strict rules, imposed ethical standards along with the absence of any monetary compensation, theRead More Do People Who Are Trafficking Human Organs Help Other People?992 Words   |  4 Pages Do People Who Are Trafficking Human Organs Help Other People? (Campbell Davison, 2012), say that the unlawful business in human organs special kidneys has advanced quickly and unexpectedly. The reasons why selling kidneys has advanced quickly is that nowadays many countries have wars so there are many poor people who need money to live a good life. Also, after wars, there are many sick people that felt desperation because they lost their organs in the war and no one donated to them, so they neededRead MoreHuman Organ Trafficking Is What We Hear About All The Time Essay1952 Words   |  8 PagesHuman organ trafficking is what we hear about all the time. By hook or by crook, it appears we ve gone calloused and look at it as anything so detached from our reality. Nonetheless, somewhere in the market, real persons are suffering and are going through this designated difficulty. They re both forcibly or with consent taken and forced to donate their organs or killed and their organs are harvested. They are individuals whose freedom and rights are trampled on and taken away. Ways of GettingRead MoreHuman Trafficking Across the Globe Essay1118 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Trafficking Across the Globe Human trafficking is when a person is forced or tricked into working under terrible conditions. The victims of human trafficking may be kidnapped or are sometimes lured with false promises for a better future in a new country. Human trafficking is a high-profit and low-risk endeavor for the traffickers. Human trafficking can occur within a country or trans-nationally and is considered a crime against the victim being trafficked because of the violation of the victim’sRead MoreSimilar To Many Successful Enterprises, Terrorist Groups1399 Words   |  6 PagesMexican DTOs [drug-trafficking organizations] to launder money, finance terrorism and smuggle people† (D Alfonso, 2014). Other diversified revenue streams of terrorist groups include financial fraud, counterfeit goods, internet and mail scams, individual donations, drug trafficking, migrant smuggling, weapons trafficking, cybercrime, and human trafficking. While all streams of terrorist financing needs to be shut down to prevent proliferation of international terrorism, human trafficking is seeminglyRead MoreSenate Bill 420 : Defining Prostitution And Separating The Buyers From The Sellers Essay1171 Words   |  5 Pagestimes through its journey of the life cycle of legislation. Which makes us wonder why can’t the Assembly create a draft to somehow link prostitution to human tracking; therefore the crime would go from being a misdemeanor to a felony; therefore when factoring in the budget one gets the best bang for their buck. B. Scope of Issue: Human Trafficking is â€Å"considered a form of modern slavery† involving the recruitment, transportation, transfer and/or harboring the receipt of a person by either the meansRead MoreThe Problem Of Human Trafficking1498 Words   |  6 Pagescontribute to the issue at hand. The issue I want to focus on is human trafficking. This type of criminalization is often one that is overlooked, most people believing that it is some sort of â€Å"myth,† or that this type of action happens to very few, and is only part of developing countries. However, the truth of the matter is that human trafficking occurs everywhere in the world, even the most successful countries. Human trafficking can occur in many different forms, however, there are very few lawsRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1210 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Trafficking Imagine being able to own a business and make nothing but profit. One of the types of trafficking is Labor Trafficking, which helps keep prices cheaper by having cheap workers. If companies do not have people working in factories for very little then a lot of prices would go up crazy like on clothing and furniture. A lot of countries economy are built off sex trafficking which helps the economy significantly. The ongoing â€Å"phenomenon† of human trafficking is not a problem

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The Jungle And Fast Food Nation Essay - 781 Words

Imagine the most popular food in America, or even your favorite food, being covered in old grease and blood. Hamburgers. This is the most eaten food in our nation and it has become a high risk food because of the way it is processed. This food can affect your health due to how they are manufactured in our country. Americans have been adapted to not question on what happens behind the closed doors of our food industries, and how our favorite food is made is the last thing we think about. A permanent drape has been set up to blind us from the reality of our food process. â€Å"The Jungle† by Upton Sinclair, â€Å"Fast Food Nation† by Eric Schlosser give us an insight of what is behind the industry doors. The two authors illustrate in a unique†¦show more content†¦Fast Food Nation explains significant events that have lead to injuries that all occurred on the meatpacking territory. Fast Food Nation provides the reader with evidence from workers who actually have seen and survived the horrific accidents. Coming to work every day was stressful knowing that they were about to enter a high risk environment, this was nerve-racking and a frightening. These workers had to attend work everyday not knowing if they were coming back home with a limb less, or one risk of being hurt. At one point, the meatpacking business was the most dangerous job. These conditions were seen as a normality to the owners who ran the factory. These unsympathetic owners just wanted the work to be done, and finished fast. The faster the more money was their motto. They tried everything in their power to hid the reality of how they were running our food process, this secret allowed them to make more profits from those who had no idea. There were always those who would want to visit the factories and the owners would show them what they wanted to see,taking them to the welcoming and unblemished areas, again, putting up a barrier between us and the reality of how they run their factories. Similarity,both text decide to stress and draw attention to the issue that the workers are slowly dropping like flies. These conditions have become so dreadful it has prevented the workers from doing their job and forcing them to leave. Although, the conditions continue toShow MoreRelatedBrunei : The United States, And Future Direction1364 Words   |  6 Pagesfourth highest per capita petroleum and natural gas fields in Southeast Asia. It is imperative senior enlisted leaders have knowledge potential ports of call, in order to brief, relevant information to junior and senior members prior to arrival. This essay will examine the country of Brunei’s background, government, strategic significance to the United States, and future direction. Background Brunei is predominantly an independent Islamic country located on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. BorderingRead MoreWhy Did the Us Lose the War in Vietnam? Essays1497 Words   |  6 Pagesthe name of the greater good for the motherland. Moreover, the US support to the unstable political system in South Vietnam and the media influence over the American society had turned to be the western superpower major drawbacks. Throughout this essay, the main arguments of why America lost the war and what guerrilla war is, will be evaluated in terms of books and journals. When the French forces were defeated by the army of Ho Chi Minh in the mid-fifties, the American president Dwight. D. EisenhowerRead MoreThe Effects Of Animal Cruelty On The Workplace2140 Words   |  9 PagesJoie Camalo English 1A Summer 2014 July 20, 2014 Research Essay Abuse in the Workplace To this company an arm is only worth thirty seven thousand dollars, and a finger is only worth two thousand. In America there are a number of organizations that are put together to stop animal cruelty, to protect not only domestic animals but also protect the ones that live in the wild from poachers or hunters. But how many organizations are there for stopping human cruelty? This may be a bizarre concept toRead Moreâ€Å"Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.† – Will Durant2199 Words   |  9 Pagessurvive in thickest of the forests. If some had a sharp smelling power, some were quick to run and hunt, some where agile and some strong. Men were probably the weakest and with their multitudinous inabilities, they were probably the easiest prey in the jungle. But it was the brain that made them discover fire, learn to live in caves and pain the walls, learn to speak, and from hunter gathers become civilized and build big cities. One may be amazed t o think how the pyramids of Egypt were probably builtRead More The Square Deal: Social Reform to Avoid Disaster Essay2607 Words   |  11 Pagesenacting a large body of legislation intended to set right the wrongs in society and using whatever force necessary, Roosevelt avoided what could have been a popular revolution of the working class. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The purpose of this essay is to develop a better understanding of Roosevelt’s â€Å"Square Deal†. An examination of historical events will provide a clear picture of the outlook in America during the time of Roosevelt’s presidency that led to the necessity of the legislation andRead MoreIndi The Civilization Of India2271 Words   |  10 Pagestwice as big as Iran or Mongolia, and ten times as big as Malaysia or Norway. The countryside throughout India is known all over the world for having beautiful vistas and stunning scenic backdrops. India is the world s second most populated nation (after China). Its ethnic status is complex, but two major sections: the Aryan, in the north, and the Dravidian, in the south. India is a land of great cultural diversity, as is the enormous number of different languages spoken throughout the countryRead MoreHow Are The Poor Affected By Environmental Problems? Essay2382 Words   |  10 Pages Essay questions (16 points) 1. a) Although the poor use fewer resources and waste less than the affluent do, how do people in poverty negatively impact their environment? b) How are the poor adversely affected by environmental problems? c) What does it mean when we say that there’s a positive feedback loop with respect to the cycle of poverty and environmental degradation? (3 points) People in poverty negatively impact their environment because they do not own the same resource as people in richerRead MoreEssay on Why Did America Withdraw Its Forces from Vietnam in 1973?2830 Words   |  12 Pagessoldiers. In this essay I will discuss the main factors for American withdrawal from Vietnam and try to process the most important ones. I will show how the US media combined with protests in the USA was the most important reason for American withdrawal and ultimately led to the American withdrawal from Vietnam. America’s first mistake regarding the war was the most fundamental. Their tactics. All of America’s tactics were inappropriate, brutal and they were only looking for fast solutions and neverRead MorePopulation Problem in Bangladesh14871 Words   |  60 PagesThe Bangladeshi English Essay Book An Analysis by Robin Upton, January 22nd 2006 Public Domain under (cc) Jan 2006 - Robin Upton - http:// Contents Purpose........................................................................................................... 1 Introduction to Essay Books .......................................................................... 1 Impact of Essay Books .................Read More PARADISE FLUBBED: Pynchon the New World Essay4618 Words   |  19 Pageslate to be read, perhaps ever to be understood. Too late, too late runs like the background hum of an amplifier throughout the opening of this novel.For instance, Desmond, the familly dog, rises later than usual to chase blue jays away from his food; and his master, Zoyd Wheeler--part-time carpenter and unreclaimed hippie--is late for his appointment with a plate glass window, through which he must jump each year to keep his government disability checks coming.Zoyd is a resident of Vineland, a